Dog Rocks

Dog Rocks
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Dog Rocks are a naturally occurring paramagnetic igneous rock.  Dog Rocks absorb and retain some of the impurities found in water, which contribute to burning lawns, grass, and box hedges; there are no known harmful effects on dogs through the use of Dog Rocks.   Dog Rocks are only intended for use as stated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is it that attracts the nitrates in the water and neutralizes it?
A: Dog Rocks do not change the PH of the urine and act as paramagnetic rocks that attract ions, which results in lower levels of nitrate being ingested by the dog. Lower nitrate levels stop the burn patches.
Q: Where does the rock come from and what is the supply and demand?
A: The rocks are mined from a quarry in Australia that has been open since the 1890’s. The size of the mine insures a plentiful supply.
Q: How long does it take to start to work?
A: It takes approximately 8-10 hours to start working in the water. After that, there will be no more new burn patches (although prior burn patches require proper lawn maintenance and vast improvements will be noticeable in 5 weeks.
Q: If the dog keeps taking out the rocks from the water bowl, can the rocks be put in a container of water to then fill the bowl with?
A: Yes, if despite your persistence the dog continues to take the rock out, you can use this method instead. It will work but not with the same results if it were kept in the same water bowl the dog drinks from.
Q: Has it been tested so we know it lasts for approximately 2 months or is it just trial and error?
A: It is just trial and error after 4.5 years of research. The patches will start appearing around the 2 month mark.
Q: Are Dog Rocks safe for other animals that drink out of the same water bowl?
A: Yes, Dog Rocks are safe for all animals.
Q: What are the reasons it may not work for a dog?
A: High protein diets make it difficult for Dog Rocks to work effectively, if the dog has multiple drinking sources, or if there isn’t a proper weight-volume ratio.

100% natural, proven and hassle-free prevention and cure to canine lawn urine burn patches. No medication required and safe for all household pets.