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Jones Naturals
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Shank Bone The Shank Bone is a meaty USA all-natural beef bone from the front and back leg. It is..
Braided Stix With no artificial ingredients added, dogs go crazy over our Braided Bully Stix. It ..
Available in 2", 4", 7"
Saddle Knuckles Saddle Knuckles are all-natural USA beef knuckles with no artificial ingredients. M..
1 pack shrinkwrapped
Pumpers Jones' Pumpers can make any canine's pumper start to race with just one bite of this tasty ..
The Variety Bag 20 piece The Variety Bag 20 piece is filled with high-quality USA all-natural goo..
Windee 6" Windees are leaving dogs around the world breathless! They are made of USA all- natural b..
Woofers The love of hamburgers is worldwide--even dogs are stealing them from off your plates. Our ..