Dog Long Hair Brush

Dog Long Hair Brush
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INITIAL ORDER must be a 20 pc STARTER KIT.  It can be Dog and Cat, Dog Only, or Cat Only.

REORDERS can be for individual brushes, MINIMUM 10 Pcs Mix and Match.

The Pet+Me brush is a revolutionary new pet grooming product!  It was created to be the least invasive, most durable wellness product for grooming dogs and cats on the market!
  • Made in the USA out of 100% medical grade silicone, safe for humans and animals, and are firm, but gentle.  It is the optimal tool to reach the undercoat and skin without hurting the animal.
  • With gentle pressure applied, dead hair and scales from excess hardened sebum are loosened and brought to the top of the fur.  The fine side of the brush is then used to remove the hair and scales which might otherwise become airborne.  The silicone in the Pet+Me brush acts like a magnet and holds onto the finest particles.
  • Gentle massage stimulates the blood circulation and helps to promote a healthy and glossy coat.  Massage also relieves tight muscles, stimulates metabolism, and helps in the healing of joint pain.
  • With the fine side of the brush, dust, dandruff, and even the shortest of hairs can be removed from clothing, furniture, and carpets.
  • The Pet+Me silicone brush rinses clean under running water, or can be placed in the dishwasher or wash machine.
Available in four breed specific options:  Short Hair Dogs, Long Hair Dogs, Short Hair Cats, Long Hair Cats
Made in the USA!

After initial Starter Kit order,  Individual Style Brushes can be reordered, minimum 10 pcs mix and match.

Individual Long Hair Dog Brushes